everything interests me, but nothing holds me.
Some hearts understand each other, even in silence.

Yasmin Mogahed  
Tue, 21st October  2442
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Tue, 21st October  8660
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Superman/Batman Annual #2

The first time Dick met Superman. Dickie was a big fan of Clarkman! 

Tue, 21st October  136
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Garjan Atwood

Tue, 21st October  4219
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Endless List of Mass Effect Favorites 16/?
"Uh... tech's not my specialty, but I'll pull a few wires, see what comes out".
Tue, 21st October  774
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Harrison Ford Won’t Answer Star Wars Questions [x]

Tue, 21st October  379697
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Catherine McNeil backstage at Missoni Fall 2013 RTW

Mon, 20th October  7
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yes but consider ur fav ship 

  • making rly bad jokes rly at night and full on snort laughing w/ each other
  • 1 of them cooking dinner but its shit and the other totally taking the piss 
  • finding the song that’s /their song/ but its a rly bad song but they get emotional when it plays
  • T A K I N G S E L F I E S
  • borrowing each others clothes but they’re both different sizes (1 PRSN IN BAGGY TSHIRTS AND THE OTHR IN RLY TIGHT TROUSERS THAT DONT RLY BUTTON UP)
  • going 2 see a movie but it’s shit and they shout at the screen and all the othr ppl in the cinema tell them to fuck off 
  • saving up and going 2 a fancy place for dinner but they cant pronounce the names of some of the dishes on the menu and its cute
  • TRYING 2 BE REAL GROWN UPS WHO R RESPONSIBLE but they still eat kids cereal and  get up early 2 watch cartoons 
  • having like week long arguments about rly silly shit like who would be a bettr astronaut or who would win in a fight between a dragon and a griffin 
  • generally being weird nerds 
Mon, 20th October  53494
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TEX SAVERIO The Revelation Collection

Mon, 20th October  10110
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get to know me meme -  [5/5] favourite movies : clueless

Mon, 20th October  3321
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Dick and Damian in Batwing by Marcus To and Dustin Nguyen
Sun, 19th October  3728
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Sun, 19th October  2880
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Sun, 19th October  51212
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not a word.

Sun, 19th October  654
oh my god why would you do this to me; i have so many order 66 feelings; excuse me while i sob in a corner; star wars;


Pamela Ramos

Sat, 18th October  1244
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